A/Prof Tracey O'Brien

TOB Head shot

Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children's Hospital

A/Professor Tracey O’Brien is the Deputy Director and Head of Clinical Service at the Kids Cancer Centre and Director of the Cord & Marrow Transplant Program, Sydney Children’s Hospital.  In addition to fulltime clinical responsibilities A/Prof O’Brien has a diverse research portfolio including preclinical laboratory research in haematopoietic cell engraftment and expansion, translational cellular therapies, law, bioethics and health system implementation research.  Together these efforts have resulted in over 70 publications and attracted in excess of $4M in grant funding over recent years. A/Prof O’Brien has served in numerous national and international leadership positions and has an extensive network of collaborators. In addition to her specialist medical training, A/Prof O’Brien holds a psychology degree, Masters in Law and an MBA.

With over 20 years working in the front lines of paediatric cancer care in Australia, the UK and the USA, A/Prof O’Brien has a comprehensive understanding of health economics, system theory, implementation barriers and change management. These principles are discussed in the context of harnessing the power of personalised medicine in clinical practice.

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